Our Mission

Empower the next generation
of leaders to walk a path of compassion.


Tzu Chi Young Leaders is a network of compassionate collegiate students and young professionals committed to making an impact on campus and in their communities. Through networking events, community service opportunities, leadership training, and spiritual cultivation, members may leverage the Tzu Chi platform to connect, serve and grow both personally and professionally.

The Young Leaders network is built for young leaders and led by young leaders. It is the goal of Tzu Chi USA to empower youth with the resources and skills to become socially-minded and responsible global citizens – thinking globally while acting locally.


Young Leaders in Action

As a young leader, you may advocate for ethical eating on campus, organize a fundraiser in your city to support COVID-19 relief efforts, volunteer at a food pantry to serve the needy, and many other meaningful activities.


Master Cheng Yen and Tzu Chi

Master Cheng Yen

Tzu Chi was founded by Dharma Master Cheng Yen in 1966 in Hualien, an impoverished, rural county of Taiwan. Its charity work began with the help of five female disciples, 30 housewives, and the spare change they collected in their bamboo banks over time. Now, Tzu Chi’s relief efforts span the globe and include missions in medicine, education, humanistic culture, disaster relief, and more.

Tzu Chi USA

Founded in 1989, Tzu Chi USA is the first overseas branch of Tzu Chi, carrying out the same mission in the United States. It has been awarded a special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

“A person with a generous heart and compassion for all beings leads the most blessed life.”
– Dharma Master Cheng Yen


Start a fundraiser to support Tzu Chi’s charitable service programs to help more people in need!

Students vs Professionals

No matter if you are in college or have entered the workforce, you will find a group of like-minded peers among Tzu Chi Young Leaders. We are here to help each other through all of life’s challenges.

Ready to change the world?