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Act with compassion and
wisdom. Interact and inspire
each other.


The Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (TCCA) is a network of collegiate volunteers across the US. They believe in Tzu Chi’s philosophy and practice it in their daily lives as community volunteers, pro-active college students, and developing as compassionate leaders.

Members of TCCA are referred to as Tzu Ching and are honored to wear the Tzu Ching uniform – a symbol of distinguishment, solidarity, and service.


Our activities fall within one of the five following categories:


Community service



Dharma leadership development


Act now, for now is all you have.

TCCA Chapters

By joining a chapter, you will be able to meet with other compassionate friends and mentors, and organize meaningful events together.

How to join?
We are always happy to accept new TCCA members at any of our local chapters. Explore the list below to find a chapter nearest to you.

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (TCCA) Chapters

TCCA Berkeley City College

TCCA California State University, Long Beach

TCCA Emory University

TCCA Georgia Tech

TCCA New York University

TCCA The Ohio State University

TCCA Stony Brook University

TCCA Stanford University

TCCA Texas A&M University

TCCA University of California, Berkeley

TCCA University of California, Davis

TCCA University of California, Irvine

TCCA University of California, Los Angeles

TCCA University of California, Riverside

TCCA University of California, San Diego

TCCA University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

TCCA University of Maryland

TCCA University of Michigan

TCCA University of Pacific

TCCA University of Texas at Austin

TCCA University of Washington, Seattle

Community-based Chapters

TCCA Chicago

TCCA Dallas



TCCA Orange County

TCCA San Dimas

TCCA Washington DC

TCCA Chicago

TCCA New Jersey


Most Asked Questions

Collegiate students who have a passion for helping others and cultivating personal growth.

Please check out our TCCA Chapter Guide about everything you need to know before starting a new chapter.

Members of TCCA are honored to wear the Tzu Ching uniform – symbol of distinction, solidarity, and service.

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association is affiliated with Tzu Chi USA, a faith-based nonprofit organization. However, we welcome members of every faith as well as those who are atheist or agnostic.

According to Tzu Chi’s core principles, our compassion extends to all living beings. Therefore, we strive to eat ethically when we gather. To learn more about why adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet is more important than ever, discover the Very Veggie Movement at https://veryveggiemovement.org.

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