Tzu Chi Annual Community Weekend

Join a local volunteering event near you on the weekend of April 9th and 10th to serve your community with other young friends!

April 9 – 10, 2022

What is the Community Weekend about?

This Spring, Tzu Chi Young Leaders are committed to unite and serve together! 

Powered by Tzu Chi USA, all TCCA (Tzu Chi Collegiate Association) clubs and alumni from east coast to the west coast will organize local community service events on the weekend of April 9th and 10th to demonstrate the spirit of Youth in Action!

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Some Events Locations

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Bryan
  • Champaign
  • College Park
  • Columbus
  • Greater Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Minneapolis
  • Montgomery County
  • Sacramento
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

How to Get Involved?

If you are interested in the event, please find a local event and sign up!

If there are no local events near you and you’d like to be an event organizer:

Find an event near you

More events will be added soon. Stay tuned!